The Episcopal Center for Children – a Healing Way Station for Children for 124 Years

by | Jun 7, 2018

The Episcopal Center for Children

Since 1894, the Episcopal Center for Children has been a way station for children facing challenges. They are kids like Suzie, who came to the Center as a third grader. Suzie was facing severe emotional challenges – her slender shoulders were already carrying more trauma and difficult experiences than many people see in a lifetime. And she was also at least two grade levels behind her peers.

At the Center, Suzie found teachers and staff who cared about her well-being. They wanted to help her thrive. They coached her gently and gave her new tools to help manage her behavior.  A reading specialist and math teacher devoted hours to helping her, and she eventually read above her grade level.

Suzie is just one of thousands of children touched by the Center in its storied 124-year history. Decades ago, the Center was an orphanage and an overnight school for children with disabilities. Now we are a day treatment program and school for children facing serious emotional challenges who can’t stay in their neighborhood public schools and need focused one-on-one help to succeed.

Suzie’s story is linked to a legacy of social justice and service to others that’s always been part of the Center’s experience. It’s that legacy – inspired by our Episcopalian heritage – that formed the bedrock of the Center’s work decades ago and still inspires our work today.

Dozens of children attend the Center today – where they get wraparound support services. To continue to make a difference in the lives of these children, we invite your help and support.  Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Go to and sign up for our e-newsletter
  • Distribute information about us quarterly in your parish bulletin or e-newsletter
  • Request a speaker for your service, event or class
  • Support our MakerSpace by purchasing items on our Amazon wish list
  • Consider becoming a monthly donor to the Center
  • Hold a drive for school supplies, canned/packaged food, smaller toys, or holiday gifts
  • Volunteer at the Center
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Donate to the Center on one of our days of giving. Giving Tuesday is November 27, 2018

In the heart of every child like Suzie – still beats the glorious wonderment of childhood. One that can love learning, heal from past hurts, self-manage his or her behavior, and embrace beauty and joy.

Dodd White is the president/CEO of The Episcopal Center for Children. If you would like to help, please email Mr. White or call him at 202-363-1333.

Taken at a recent Career Day at the Center