June Service of Ordination – The Day in Pictures

by | Jun 20, 2019

Left to right: The Reverends Todd Thomas, Rachelle Sams, Yoimel Hernandez, Jenifer Gamber, and Tim Kennedy

All photos by Donovan Marks


On Saturday, June 15, Bishop Mariann ordained Jenifer Gamber, Yoimel Hernandez, and Rachelle Sam to the sacred order of priests and Tim Kennedy and Todd Thomas to the sacred order of deacons at Washington National Cathedral. In her sermon, Bishop Mariann told the ordinands:


You have been called to spiritual leadership…in a time of what some call adaptive change. [M]any of the challenges we face…surpass our current capacities and skills. So we must learn new skills, new practices, new ways of being ourselves in order to become–by grace and hard work–leaders capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities before us and helping others do the same.  


Read Bishop Mariann’s sermon

Watch Bishop Mariann’s sermon

Waiting for the procession to begin.

The Presentation of the Ordinands

Bishop Mariann

The Diaconate Laying on of Hands

Laying on of Hands for the Priesthood

The Ordinands with Bishop Mariann