2019 Spring Congregational Growth Grants Awarded

by | Jul 29, 2019

Spring Grants Awarded

This Spring, Diocesan Council awarded seven congregational grants totaling $62, 035 in five diocesan regions.

In Central DC, St. Margaret’s will revamp the music and worship of their principal service based on demographics of the neighborhood and the desire to reach new people as a result of their strategic planning process. In addition, St. Luke’s, DC and St. Stephen and the Incarnation will explore a speaker series on gentrification, congregational engagement and the community around both parishes.

In North DC, St. David’s will focus on providing a breadth of activities of hopes to further strengthen and increase connections between the parish and the neighborhood. 

In Southern Maryland, Christ Church, La Plata and Christ Church, Wayside will provide monthly open mic/coffee hour events shared between the two parishes. St. Thomas, Croom will develop and implement PRAY, a religious awards program for the local Scouts program.

In Central Montgomery County, St. Francis, Potomac will develop a series of videos to further showcase the parish and Christianity to the larger community. 

In North Montgomery County, St. Bartholomew’s  will continue to support their Beading ministry – by production, training, and distribution of Anglican prayer beads to those within the parish and diocese.