Parish Website Design and Hosting Program

by | Apr 28, 2022

In the wake of a two-year pandemic, there can no longer be any doubt that a parish’s website serves as the digital “front door” of a congregation. Or that an effectively designed and well-positioned website is essential for welcoming and connecting both parishioners and visitors to a parish’s mission and ministry.

To better position our congregations in this digital world, we’ve partnered with Worship Times – the team that helped to redesign the diocesan website – to bring a new cost-effective, secure, and robust web design and hosting solution to parishes in the Diocese of Washington.

This new design and hosting solution for congregations offers a number of benefits, including:

  • An initial parish website audit to assess needs
  • Website design and set-up
  • Website hosting
  • Easy to use content management system for handling parish news, events, service times, online forms and more
  • Rapid support response from the Worship Times team
  • Improved search engine optimization (so folks can find you more easily)
  • Access to training in best practices for parish websites and social media presence
  • Regular and timely site maintenance to ensure peak security
  • Option to share diocesan content on parish websites (e.g. Bishop’s sermons and reflections, the Path of Discipleship)

Each parish is unique – and so is each parish website – which is why we made sure this opportunity is not a “one size fits all.” With three tiers of functionality (basic, standard, or advanced) and price points for development between $800 and $4,000 and hosting fees below $50/mo, parishes are able to select what features and site capacity they need for their ministry context.

We’re excited by this opportunity for parishes to work with Worship Times. With years of experience providing design and hosting services for diocesan and parish websites, their friendly and professional team offers knowledge and guidance in the particular aspects that make parish websites successful. They’re also equipped to provide ongoing training and support in optimizing the effectiveness of a successful online presence – another huge plus.

We are confident this new partnership with a trusted vendor will help parishes maximize the potential of their digital “front door.” If this sounds like something your parish would be interested in, please contact Keely Thrall, Director of Communications.

Parish Website Design and Hosting Program – Explanation of Tiers and Costs

Parish leaders wishing to take advantage of the Parish Website Design and Hosting Program are invited to learn more about the three tiers of functionality and associated costs so that they may choose the option best suited for their ministry context.

Design Fee: $800
Monthly Hosting Fee: $35
Functionality: 2-3 pages with premade template

Design Fee: $2,000
Monthly Hosting Fee: $35
Functionality: Events managements system, blog, forms, publications, and social media tie-ins

Design Fee: $4,000
Monthly Hosting Fee: $47
Functionality: All the functionality of the Standard option, plus: drag and drop template, SEO tools, live streaming tie-ins, and advanced forms and events system