BE Campaign

In our time of political polarization and rising societal anger, we long for another way to relate to one another. Out of that holy longing, we invite you to participate in the BE Campaign to help make our communities a bit more like the Kingdom of God.

Dedicate the 5 weeks leading up to the national elections to the simple, yet profound teaching of the prophet Micah who, in a time not unlike our own in 700 BCE, asked the question: “What does the Lord require of us?” His answer: “Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.”

We believe that we can love our neighbors and recover and reclaim these three essential practices. With the BE Campaign, you are invited to reflect on five spiritual themes and to share them with your faith communities: Be just. Be kind. Be humble. Love your neighbor. The Intersection of Religion and Politics.

​Collected here, you will find an alternative Sunday lectionary that highlights each theme, along with suggested Prayers of the People, and graphics that can be adapted for your use. Participate as you feel called.  

May we all be just, kind, and humble.


This campaign calls you to take action!

  • Stand up, speak out and act in places of inequity, ensuring the vulnerable are treated fairly.
  • Practice intentional acts of kindness and compassion daily.
  • Cultivate the habit of humility through respect, listening, and empathy.




I pledge to strive to follow Micah 6:8 in all aspects of my life:

  • To act justly and pursue justice by standing with and speaking out for those who are vulnerable, mistreated, in need or exploited;
  • To practice kindness and mercy in every interaction, even with those with whom I disagree;
  • To act with humility, surrendering my will to God’s will, acknowledging that I may not always be right and should listen more and speak less.

And, I will seek to inspire others to do the same.

Download the pledge card (English full page / English half page / Español full page / Español half page)