Our Christian faith formation in The Episcopal Church is a lifelong journey with Christ, in Christ, and to Christ. The Episcopal Church believes in the Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation, which supports a continued growth in the knowledge, service and love of God as followers of Christ and is informed by Scripture, Tradition and Reason.

A Life of Faithful Living identifies the signs and thresholds of a faith-filled journey with God. This document is helpful for individuals who may want to wonder, widen, and deepen their understanding of themselves and of God and for congregational leaders to see the scope and sequence of how the stages relate and guide their adaptation of educational and formational resources for local contexts.

The diocese offers resources for choosing a curriculum, studying the Bible, learning about Millennials, Confirmation, and helping leaders and individuals respond to the questions and challenges that arise in our lives.


Our 2020 Fall Faith Formation toolkit is designed to help parish leaders meet the challenges and opportunities of forming Christians in the digital age and within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Download the toolkit.


At this time uncertainty and challenge, we give thanks for God’s faithfulness, an anchor we can hold onto. We also give thanks for your witness to God’s love for the children, youth and families in your congregation. We are assured that God’s purposes for creation will be fulfilled, however long we might wait. Our calling is to remain hopeful and be ready to greet God’s future, building community and working for justice for all where we find ourselves today. Know that the diocesan staff has been praying for you. We know that the pandemic has presented significant challenges to sustaining relationships and nurturing a sense of belonging for you and those in your care. We are here for you. Here is a set of curated resources that we hope are helpful for worship and formation during this time of pandemic and Church dispersed.


The Children, Youth & Family Ministry supports our parishes in their mission to help youth and families to grow spiritually. At the diocesan level, we offer youth and their families the opportunity to have a transforming encounter with Jesus Christ so that they can grow in their relationship with him and share Jesus’ love in their everyday lives. Learn more.


The diocesan Young Adult Ministry supports local congregations and campus ministries in nurturing the spiritual lives of adults in their twenties and thirties and reaching out to those not yet engaged. Learn more.


God invites all people to enter into a prayerful life of worship, continuous learning, intentional outreach, advocacy and service, to hear the Word of God through scripture, to honor church teachings, and continually to embrace the joy of Baptism and Eucharist, spreading the Good News of the risen Christ and ministering to all. Growing into the full stature of Christ is a lifelong journey. The Adult Ministry supports the life-stages of adults for continuous spiritual growth. Learn more.