The Episcopal Diocese of Washington invites you to go deeper in your faith life through five essential Christian practices–pray, learn, serve, give, and share. While every individual bears the image of God, we have the freedom and responsibility to grow more fully into the people of God. As we grow we, in fact, become the people we already are, a people who reveal the image of God to others thereby witnessing to God’s love in the world. Growing in faith takes practice. Second century Christian apologist Tertullian put it this way: “Christians are made, not born.” We grow as Christians by practicing the Christian life together.

A path of discipleship sets out a life-long journey of growth and maturing as a follower of Jesus through a set of practices that draw us more deeply into the heart of God and community and back out into the world. A path of discipleship is both individual and community oriented and offers practices differentiated along a path of growing faith.

The following is intended to get you started wherever you are, whether you are new to faith or a seasoned Christian. No matter where you are, you can continue to grow your capacities, commitments, and understandings of God, yourself, and your neighbors.

This journey can be characterized as styles of faith, which we identify as belonging, experiencing, searching and owning. If you’d like to learn more about each of these styles and identify the style that resonates most with you, click the icons above. Or downlod the path of discipleship app.