Experiencing  Belonging Searching Owning
I experience many ways to pray with others — with or without words (ex. at home, church, possibly school or camp).

I experience how prayer connects me to God, nature, others and my own deepest self, and I am open to new ways of praying.

I am aware that God is with me wherever I am, but that there are certain places where I feel closer to God.

I am looking for ways to pray that are true for me and that deepen my relationship with God.

I know and practice the types of prayer that deepen my relationship with God, and I’m still open to new ways of praying.

I want to show others how they can pray to draw closer to God.

I experience God’s love in the words, silences, songs, colors, and movements of worship through the rituals and seasons of the church year (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and after).

I understand myself as part of a community shaped by worship, rituals, and the seasons of the church year.

I look forward to worship and want to come more regularly.

I recognize Baptism and Communion as practices that are part of belonging in this community.

As I learn about different worship styles and rituals, I think about how they are similar and different from my own.

I am curious about how other friends and family worship and am open to trying new ways when I’m with them.

I understand and accept the practices of Christian worship, including baptism and Eucharist, as my own and desire to understand them more fully.

Worship is part of how I respond to God’s love and share myself with others.


Resources for Pray
  • Introduce Godly Play to your congregation. Prayer time and silence are built into each session. Mentors model different kinds of prayer. Learn more about Godly Play from The Rev. Emily Griffin, Godly Play Trainer
  • Use Praying in Color for Children by Sybil MacBeth to guide you in inviting your children to doodle with markers and crayons, naming and drawing people, places, and concerns.
  • Pray with your children each day at mealtimes and at bedtime. Common Prayer for Children and their Families by Jenifer Gamber and Timothy JS Seamons has prayers.