All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee. – 1 Chronicles 29:14

Stewardship begins with appreciation and it grows out of gratitude. God has blessed every one of us in different ways, and it is important for us to be conscious of those blessings and say “thank you” to God, just as we say thank you to anyone else. We do that by giving back to God, taking some of what God has given us and putting it back to use for God’s work in the world. We thank God by sharing our blessings, offering them to the service of others and the advancement of God’s kingdom. At its heart, stewardship is an understanding that everything we are and everything that we have, including our financial resources, comes from God.

Annual Giving Campaign Toolkit

The Episcopal Diocese of Washington is pleased to share its Annual Giving Campaign Toolkit with our parishes. Undertaking an Annual Giving Campaign is an opportunity for parish leadership to remind congregations that their financial pledges are a crucial investment in the future life and ministry of the church.


Planned Giving

Many parishes have benefitted through the years from significant bequests from members devoted to their church property and to God’s work carried out in that space. Increasingly, as church membership has remained static or declined, many parishes have become reliant on those resources generously left by those who have gone before us. At the same time, the practice of including our church in our estate planning may not be as common today as it was previously.

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Financial Resources Committee

The Financial Resources Committee is charged with the design and implementation of plans to strengthen the financial capacity and ministry of congregations in the Diocese of Washington.

Among the committee’s essential functions are preparing the Annual Giving Campaign Toolkit, leading and supporting Annual Giving Workshops, and coordinating the delivery of a Planned Giving Workshop with the Episcopal Church Foundation.


Staff liaison: The Rev. Canon Andrew Walter