The diocesan budget is funded primarily by congregational giving. Here is Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde’s annual letter to congregations seeking their support for the diocesan budget and the form necessary to pledge support.

See—I am doing a new thing. Now it springs forth.
Isaiah 43:19
Dear Friends,
As we begin another Christian year, I give thanks for you as a community of faith in our diocese. Through the many challenges we have faced – and there have been many – you have consistently responded with courage, creativity, and faithfulness. I know that it hasn’t been easy, and yet, in the words of the great spiritual, you’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His holy Word…
I’m also thankful for your sustained financial commitment to our common life. With this letter I invite you to consider your investment in the Diocese of Washington’s mission for 2022.

As you can read in greater detail in the 2021 EDOW Annual Report, with the resources entrusted to us we have been able to equip and support EDOW congregations through the long season of pandemic, provide guidance to those in leadership transition, and realize the first goals of our strategic plan. Thanks to you, we have new resources and tools for congregational vitality, a robust School for Christian Faith and Leadership, and the first fruits of a sustained, diocesan-wide commitment for racial equity. All these goals are works in progress – in 2022 our work continues.


2022 is a decisive year in our strategic plan as we turn our attention toward rising generations, with a collective focus on environmental stewardship and on creating new faith communities, and reimagining established ones, so that we might be a church for our children and grandchildren. You’ll hear about those goals at the Diocesan Convention in late January.


Please know that the diocesan staff and I are here to serve you, and we will continue to direct our collective resources and energies toward the health and vitality of our congregations. Thank you for the privilege of serving as your bishop.

Advent blessings to you.


Faithfully in Christ,
Bishop Mariann