Paperwork isn’t normally done on paper any longer, but it is still important to keep the diocese and its congregations running smoothly. Here you can access the necessary forms to request licenses for ministry and to report on congregational activities.

Clergy Licenses

Click here for instructions for clergy who need to obtain or renew a license to minister in the diocese.

Licensed Lay Ministries

In the Episcopal Church, lay leaders serve alongside ordained leaders. Click here to learn more and access the licenses required for some lay ministries.

Non-Parochial Reports

The Canons of The Episcopal Church require that all canonically resident clergy not included in the diocese’s parochial reports make an annual report to the Bishop on the exercise of their ministry. These reports shall be recorded in the Journal of the Convention. In this diocese, we merely record in the Journal the names of those who submitted their reports. Learn more


Parish Election Reports

At every annual meeting, a congregation may elect members of the vestry, wardens and convention delegates. This information must be certified and filed with the diocese. Click here to learn more and access the forms.

Parochial Reports and Clergy Compensation Forms

Every congregation is required to complete an annual statistical report called the parochial report and clergy compensation form. These forms are usually due by March 1. Click here to learn more.