We invite your prayers! The Diocesan Prayer List is open to lay and ordained people of the Episcopal Dioceses of Washington.

Submitted prayers are reviewed before posting and may be edited. Prayers are usually approved within 48 hours Monday-Friday. Please do not submit information you wish to remain confidential as this list is viewable to the public. If your prayer is on behalf of another person, please obtain permission from them before submitting your prayer request. 

Prayers run for 30 days and may be resubmitted as often as needed. If you wish to remove a prayer you submitted before that time, email us.


Healing prayers for The Rev. E. Kent Booth

I ask prayers for my daughter, Bridget , who faces serious lung surgery May 4. - Sally Lermond

For Madeline, who is struggling with her health. Most days, it seems her body is acting in spite of her.


The family of the Rev. Lynn Lundelius upon her death on May 7. The Rev. Lundelius served as rector of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Andrew's, College Park. She will be buried in her hometown of Ft. Worth.