This section contains compensation guidelines for clergy and lay employees. It is updated annually.

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Clergy Compensation

This table includes minimum recommended base salaries for clergy based on years of experience and parish income. Please note that cash for housing needs to be considered as an addition to the base salary.

2023 Compensation Guidelines for Clergy

2024 Compensation Guidelines for Clergy

Supply Clergy

To find supply clergy in the diocese, refer to our Supply Clergy directory. It is always appropriate to discuss the fee at the time the invitation to serve is extended. Please take into consideration the time needed for preparation, travel and in performance of the service you have requested.

Transportation reimbursement: If by privately owned automobile, use the IRS business mileage rate to determine the reimbursable amount. For a volunteer (donated services) the rate is 14 cents per mile.

2023 Supply Clergy Compensation Guide

2024 Supply Clergy Compensation Guide

Lay and Musician Compensation

These tables provide guidance for both hourly rates and salaries for a variety of lay positions within a parish. If you need additional guidance please contact Kathleen Hall.

2023 Lay Employee Compensation Guide
2023 Musician Compensation Guide

2024 Lay Employee Compensation Guide

2024 Musician Compensation Guide