The Episcopal Diocese of Washington is led by Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde and governed by the Diocesan Convention. When the convention is not in session, the Diocesan Council acts in its stead, aided by numerous committees and task forces.

The diocese is divided into eight geographic regions, and these regions meet each fall in advance of convention to hear from the bishop, preview the diocesan budget and undertake other business.

Diocesan Convention

Convention is the yearly legislative meeting presided over by the bishop and consisting of the clergy of the diocese and elected lay representatives of its congregations. The convention usually gathers on the last weekend of January to consider the diocesan budget and other matters regarding the mission and ministry of the diocese. LEARN MORE

Regional Gatherings

The Episcopal Diocese of Washington holds Regional Gatherings each Fall to discuss the diocesan strategic plan, mission priorities, and diocesan finances. LEARN MORE

Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council is the governing body for the diocese and is empowered to act on behalf of the Diocesan Convention while the convention is not in session (the other 364 days of the year).

The council collaborates with the bishop in developing and executing the diocese’s mission strategy and is ultimately responsible for presenting a budget to the convention. LEARN MORE


Diocesan business depends on the contributions of volunteers who are elected or appointed to numerous committees that help to share and carry out the mission of the diocese. LEARN MORE

Diocesan Journal

The journal is the annual publication of the diocese and is available online for all who wish to download and view it. The journal contains directories, recordings of proceedings, committee reports, and election results. It also includes statistics and financial data on the diocese and lays out its governing policies, constitution, and canons. LEARN MORE

Diocesan Budget

The diocesan budget is presented each year at Diocesan Convention. The budget includes all areas of mission and ministry and is funded primarily by congregational giving. In addition, diocesan ministries get additional support from the annual Bishop’s Appeal campaign and other investment income. LEARN MORE

Constitution and Canons

The constitution and canons of the diocese shape the life of our community. The constitution establishes foundational principles, and the canons define how those principles are implemented. LEARN MORE