The purpose of this grant is for the continuing education of clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington

It is understood that the definition of continuing education shall generally include but not be limited to the academic study and/or work towards an academic degree; travel and trips pursuant to the needs and further development of personal skills; learning experiences with diocesan programs; conferences related to the development of skills and the relationships surrounding one’s ministry or the ministry of the diocese; and self-directed study.

For reports and evaluations, see below.

General Information and Administration

  • Recipients shall have been canonically resident and active in ministry in the Diocese of Washington for a minimum of two (2) years.
  • Applicants may submit as many requests as they wish, but each recipient is limited to a total allocation of $1,000.00 per annum.
  • Priority in allocation of Fellowship Funds will be given for career development experiences which will enrich the lives and ministries of the clergy and the parishes and/or institutions they serve.
  • It must be evident the program planned by the applicant will contribute to the development of the person’s ministry where s/he is currently serving.
  • It should be clear that the grant will be used for a purpose that will enhance the applicant’s parish and/or the life and ministry of the diocese as a whole.
  • When other funds are available for the subsidy of clergy training or educational programs, applicants shall make every effort to secure same, and evidence of such effort shall accompany any application for Angus Dun funds.
  • Whenever feasible, Angus Dun Fellowship funds shall be allocated on a matching basis with funds provided by the applicant’s parish or other institution with which s/he may be affiliated.
  • The money granted from the Angus Dun Fund is expected to be spent for the project or program described in the application during the time period specified. If you are unable to fulfill the project or program for which you have been awarded a grant, you must apply for an extension and/or an exception from the Angus Dun Committee.
  • Applications received after the deadline will be held for consideration at the next meeting of the Angus Dun Committee. No new grants will be made to any individual who has not submitted an evaluation form.
  • The deadlines are the end of January, May and October.

Reports and Evaluations

Program evaluation must be submitted by the applicant to the Committee at the conclusion of the program. Each evaluation must include:

  • What has been accomplished
  • How the accomplishment compares with the original objective/s
  • An account of how allocated funds were expended

Should program objectives, substance, attendance or financial requirements change, the applicant shall so notify the commitee which shall review the matter and take such action as it deems expedient.