The diocese believes passionately in the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church and is committed to the revitalization and growth of our local congregations and creating fresh expressions of Episcopal worshipping communities. To that end, the diocesan congregational growth grants offer an opportunity for parishes and ministries to dream.

It can be difficult to imagine possibilities when budgets are tight. These grants are designed to explore new ways to grow congregations and meet the needs of a changing world, especially what parish life might look like beyond the pandemic, and by developing and strengthening collaborative models of ministry with grants of up to $20,000. We encourage applicants to think of the grant as a leverage for ministry, helping to galvanize or encourage an endeavor for which there is existing energy and support.

Apply for a Grant

DEADLINE: May 19, 2023 

Congregational Growth Grants are intended to provide funds for initiatives that foster congregational growth through collaborative models of ministry, but given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, ministry might look a bit different than before.

Grants are awarded in amounts up to $20,000. All grants are considered one-time grants unless explicitly indicated in the application, and multi-year grants must include a strong evaluative process and decreasing dependence on diocesan funds in successive years. The diocese reserves the right to withhold funds in successive years without demonstrated progress. That said, re-application is welcome in those circumstances where a worthy idea has been incubated and further support from the diocese would be helpful.

Consideration will be only given to applications that

  • Remain consistent with the priorities of the diocese,
  • Demonstrate a clear need for which other funds are not available,
  • Have received commitment from parish leaders, and
  • Include a financial contribution, though not necessarily matching, from the applying parish(es), and
  • Consideration of grant will include parochial support of the diocese.

The diocese will be especially pleased to consider applications that

  • Emphasize the technology needed to go forward with a hybrid worship milieu.
  • Support communications, technology, and alternative worship styles.
  • Foster collaborative ministry by harnessing the potential of two or more parishes.

Alignment with the diocesan strategic plan, bearing in mind the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism.
Preference will also be given to parishes with demonstrated interest in the collaborative regional gatherings and are tithing or consistently increasing their diocesan pledge towards a tithe. Grant applications with profit as outcome – no matter the motive – will not be considered.

Diocesan Council will review applications based on recommendations from a committee of members of council, leaders in the Diocese appointed by the Bishop and Church House staff.

Recipients must accommodate site visits and/or phone conversations from committee representatives during the life cycle of the initiative to assess progress.


The Rev. Linda Kaufman, Chair
Catherine Able-Thomas
Paul Brewster
Leza Boodie
The Rev. Robert Bunker
Charles Day
Patricia Dorn


Please contact Mildred Reyes, Missioner for Latino/Hispanic Ministries & Diocesan Initiatives with questions about congregational growth grants.