The St. Mary’s County Scholarship Fund was established in 1980 to provide scholarship help to black students from St. Mary’s County.

To apply for a grant from the fund, it is necessary to provide the following information to the scholarship committee:

  1. A completed application (download and mail or complete online)
  2. A completed Financial Information form (download and mail or complete online)
  3. Your SAT scores (download and mail or include with online form – not needed for current scholarship recipients)
  4. A transcript of your grades (mail to address below or include with online form)
  5. Three current letters of reference (appropriate people would be teachers, counselors, ministers, employers, etc.) (mail to address below or include with online form)

In addition, you must be enrolled or accepted as a full time student in a program leading to a degree in an accredited college/university or certification in a post secondary educational program.


Applications must be received in the diocesan office no later than Friday, March 5th. The committee will meet to review applications and conduct interviews the last week of March.

A grant for the first semester (half of the scholarship amount) will be sent following the receipt of an acceptance letter and verification of enrollment. The second semester grant will be sent following receipt of a first semester transcript and confirmation by the recipient that he/she is enrolled for the second semester.

Check back soon for the 2022 application process.