The process of calling a new rector is one of mutual discernment for parish leadership and candidates in partnership with the bishop. This exciting time of seeking the best match for priest and congregation requires a major commitment of time and resources.

On behalf of the bishop, the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips works with parishes and clergy in transition with clergy and congregations on all aspects of the process.

For Clergy Leaving a Congregation

For clergy leaving a congregation, a good beginning to a new ministry is predicated on a good ending to the previous ministry. The following guidelines are intended to help clergy end pastoral relationships in ways that allow priest and people to celebrate what they have shared and bring closure to the existing relationship.

Leaving a Congregation

For the Parish in Transition

The Transition Process for parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington is currently exploring new and innovative approaches as it seeks to respond to current realities of concern throughout the diocese and the Church at-large.

Please contact the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips, Canon for Leadership Development and Congregational Care, for further information and guidance.

Transition Resources

Please contact the Rev. Dr. Robert Phillips, Canon for Leadership Development and Congregational Care, for additional transition resources.

  • Roadmap for Onboarding a New Rector

Supply Clergy

If you are in need of supply clergy, click here to access the supply clergy list.

Letter of Agreement Templates

Letters of Agreement are entered into between a clergy person and the vestry of a parish to ensure alignment of expectations. We offer below templates that can be individualized to your parish’s unique context.

Please contact Kathleen Hall, Director of Human Resources and Administration for further information and guidance regarding the templates.

  • Interim Letter of Agreement Template
  • Priest-in-Charge Letter of Agreement Template
  • Rector Letter of Agreement Template
  • Rector Time Certain Letter of Agreement Template

Celebrating a New Ministry

The Celebration of a new ministry is the time when the community as a whole celebrates the covenant they make with their rector to live in their various ministries with the support of one another. It is also the opportunity to install their new rector.

In this service not only will the Bishop read the Rector’s Letter of Institution, the bishop will also give a charge to the parish, reminding them of the gifts and responsibilities given them in Baptism.

The service is centered around the renewal of the Baptismal Covenant, the Letter of Institution of the new priest in charge and the Eucharist.

To arrange a date for a Celebration of New Ministry at your parish, contact Amanda Anderson, Executive Assistant to the Bishop.