Getting Started

Each hiring process is an opportunity to build a strong team with members who have the skills, competencies and temperament that best suit organizational needs.

Following these steps, in this order, will help with successful recruitment and hiring.

  1. Develop the job description, including why the position exists, essential functions, core competencies and physical requirements.
  2. Develop the compensation package.
  3. Confirm the search and selection process, including who will participate.
  4. Create a job posting that highlights why you are a desirable employer, position expectations, job requirements and how to apply.
  5. Identify appropriately skilled application screeners to determine who will be interviewed.
  6. Develop interview questions and record responses during the interview.
  7. Check professional references who have recent experience working with the candidate.
  8. Complete a background check.


Types of Interview Questions

While all steps of the hiring process are essential, developing a solid set of interview questions will help you determine if a candidate truly fits the needs of the organization. 

It is important to note that all questions must be work-related and exclude requests to know a person’s marital status, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and physical abilities if not job-related. 


Introductory and General Questions

These questions or requests break the ice and help establish both a tone for the interview and provide a basis for follow-up questions. 

Examples: Tell us about yourself. What strengths would you bring to this position? Why are you the best candidate?


Behavior-based Questions 

These questions or requests ask the candidate to describe how they have responded or would respond to situations in the position. 

Examples: Tell us about a time when you had to (job function). Describe a time you had to speak with a lay leader about inappropriate behavior. How have you established effective teams in previous positions? How will work to establish trusting relationships if hired? 


Confirming Core Competencies

These questions or requests seek to verify a candidate’s fit with the organization and position. 

Examples: How does your faith influence how you approach your daily work? Describe how you tailor communications to different audiences? Tell us about a time when you had to reprioritize work to deal with a new request that had a very short turnaround time. What is your ideal work environment?