News and Events on Reparations

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The Rev. Peter Jarrett-Schell speaking for the reparations resolution at diocesan convention
Voting on the reparations resolution at the 2023 diocesan convention
The Rev. Dr. Maria Kane waiting to speak at the 2023 diocesan convention

Repairing the Breach: 2022 Symposium on Reparations

On October 1, 2022, representatives from parishes across the diocese came together in person and online to reckon with our diocesan history of participation in anti-Black racism and learn more about the legacy of benefit we have received from that participation.

This symposium laid the groundwork for presenting a resolution publicly acknowledging these harms at the 2023 Diocesan Convention.

Agenda and Materials

Materials from the event include:

During a final breakout session, participants generated these questions in response to this challenge: What would mean, and what would it require, for the diocese and its congregations to make reparations for the harms of racism?

Video Highlights and Presentations