Strengthening and Renewing the Spiritual Life

Strengthening and Renewing the Spiritual Life

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Starting in February 2022 the School for Christian Faith and Leadership will be offering a two-part series called Discover-Embrace for individuals across congregations to name and reclaim the spiritual treasures of their lives–and through that experience strengthen their spiritual life.

In Reclaiming Christianity: A Practical Model for Spiritual Growth and Evangelism, Claude Payne, former bishop of the Diocese of Texas shares an experience of delivering Easter flowers as a teen to a fellow parishioner who was no longer able to leave her home. At the time, the delivery was just a transaction–delivering flowers. Many years later, with the tools and opportunity to reflect on life with the eyes of Christ, he understood the exchange as more than a delivery. It was a divine encounter.

Bishop Payne explains: “I didn’t understand, at the time of my floral delivery, what had happened….Because I didn’t have language to make sense of the experience–because I didn’t know to name it as a moment of holy exchange–the event was privatized and remained isolated within me, out of reach of even my inner vocabulary.” Through study and reflection, a routine encounter was transformed into a spiritual treasure.

Our lives are filled with spiritual treasures. Created in the image of God, our souls seek to express those treasures, but need the language and opportunity to do so. The first of the two-part Discover-Embrace series, six weeks of Discover, focuses on telling spiritual stories and reading Scripture together to discover the spiritual treasures of our lives. The second part, six weeks of Embrace, will explore Episcopal history, practices, and beliefs and will serve as an open forum to ask questions and deepen relationships with others on a journey into the life of the church.

Our hope for this two-part series led by trained facilitators in the diocese is that participants will uncover the spiritual treasures of their lives and serve as a source of renewal.

  • Individuals – uncover the spiritual treasures of your life and learn how these treasures can help with congregational renewal.
  • Rectors – use this series to prepare members for confirmation or reception at the Diocesan confirmation liturgy on May 14, 2021 or for baptism, confirmation, reception, and the renewal of baptismal promises at your congregation. Consider registering as a group from your congregation.

For more information, please contact the Rev. Jenifer Gamber, or register directly using this link for Discover and this link for Embrace.