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Dar el siguiente paso fiel: Informe a la Convención Diocesana 2023

2023 marca el comienzo de mi duodécimo año como su obispa. Es el cuarto año de implementación de un plan estratégico que pusimos en marcha la última vez que nos reunimos en esta Catedral para la Convención, apenas dos meses antes de que la pandemia del COVID lo cambiara todo.

Taking the Next Faithful Step - 2023 Convention Address

Taking the Next Faithful Step: 2023 Diocesan Convention Address

2023 marks the beginning of my twelfth year as your bishop. It’s the fourth implementation year of a strategic plan we launched the last time we gathered in this Cathedral for Convention, just two months before the COVID pandemic changed everything.

Taking the Next Faithful Step - Bishop Mariann's 2023 Convention Sermon

Taking the Next Faith Step: Sermon for 2023 Diocesan Convention

The theme of this Convention, indeed, for all of 2023, is Taking the Next Faithful Step. It is an image that evokes the physical act of moving toward a destination. But as those who cannot physically walk know very well, not every faithful step is made with our feet.