Many churches distribute information about their annual operating budget as part of their annual giving campaign.  While giving to a budget should not be the focus of a campaign, it is sometimes helpful to some members of the congregation to understand the church’s sources of revenue, how the annual revenue is dispersed, and some basic information about pledging in their parish.

Typically, a traditional budget consists of line items like salaries, utilities, property expenses, office supplies, etc. It will also show sources of revenue and expenses and will indicate whether or not there is an anticipated deficit. These types of materials are best used as supporting documents, rather than the focus of an annual giving campaign.

Some churches use a different format, a narrative budget, to present this type of  information.

A narrative budget tells the stories of your ministries and illustrates how your donations are used. Depending upon the focus of your annual giving campaign, and the composition of your congregation, a narrative budget can be a compelling document.

Some examples of how budget information can be presented include:

  • Operating Budget Revenue
  • Operating Budget Expenses
  • Pledged Revenue – How Much Should I Pledge?
  • Narrative Budget – as mentioned above, this type of budget presentation focuses on how money is spent in support of the church’s ministries.