My involvement in the Tending Our Soil initiative has been rewarding and inspiring.  As a coach, I get to work with the leadership of three congregations as they seek to grow in the mission God has called them to…. Their commitment inspires me to want to do better.  They remind me of why I am engaged in ministry. I am grateful for their hope, creativity, resourcefulness, trust, and persistence.

The Rev. Amanda Akes-Cardwell

Former Tending Our Soil Coach

Tending Our Soil coaches are paid professionals serving participating congregations.

Coaches engage in a three-year coaching relationship with three congregations, support periodic learning labs alongside congregations, and contribute to the ongoing development of the TOS initiative. Coaches partner with congregational teams for encouragement, clarity, and forward progress on the objectives set by each team. Coaches receive professional-grade Coach Approach Skill Training at the start of their tenure and regular mentored coaching throughout the three years. Training and mentored coaching qualify toward International Coaching Federation credential. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching by skilled, trained, and dedicated coaches will be essential to the depth and longevity of the work required for the lasting and real transformation we expect of congregations. Coaches walk alongside congregations as they continually discover what they are called to become and realize that call in relationship with those they serve.

Coaching is a process of self-discovery. Through questions, explorations, and challenge, a coach facilitates the coachee’s discovery of new aspects of themselves or even direction for a fresh way forward.

Coaching expands possibilities. Coaches will challenge the other person to envision many different perspectives and stretch to see multiple possibilities before committing to a plan of action. 

Coaching is action-oriented. Action plans and steps lay out clearly identified goals and objectives. A coach helps the other person get clear about goals and then articulates them with action-based language.  

Coaching facilitates calculated risk-taking. Coaches challenge the person to push the envelope and take risks that are preceded by reflection. Coaches offer a supportive, confidential, and safe relationship for experimentation outside one’s comfort zone.

Coaches offer support. Coaches provide support and encouragement to the person being coached.

Coaches offer accountability. Coaches provide a space for accountability for the person being coached to him/her/themself.

Our Partner in Coaching

Tending Our Soil partners with the Rev. Chris Holmes (seen below) of the Holmes Coaching Group. Chris has been coaching church leaders across many denominations since 2008, with over 1000 hours coaching laity, clergy, denominational leaders and bishops. He trains our coaches each year and provides coaching to Tending Our Soil team leaders twice yearly.

Watch the 2021 Coaching Open House


Interested in becoming a coach?

All those interested in applying are strongly encouraged to email The Rev. Emily Snowden to set up a time to learn about coaching in Tending Our Soil.

Click here to apply to become a coach. The application includes a letter of interest, resume, and two ministry references. Hiring decision will be made on a rolling basis.

Have a question? Contact The Rev. Emily Snowden