This is the form for requesting licensing for lay people in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. All licensees must meet the Diocese's Requirements and Standards for Lay Ministry. EV: Eucharistic Visitor to home and hospital bound EM: Eucharistic Minister at the church WL: Worship leader (may lead public worship in the congregation, in the presence of the priest.) PL: Pastoral Leader (may exercise pastoral or administrative responsibility in a congregation under special circumstances.) C: Catechist (may prepare communicants for Baptism, Confirmation, etc.) P: Preacher (may preach in lieu of licensed clergy under special circumstances and with appropriate education) Full descriptions of Lay Licenses are found in Title III, Canon 4 of the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church, 2009.

Name of Person Submitting(Required)

License Reports

Provide the name of the person to be licensed and check each box to indicate which license the person should receive (EV, EM, WL, PL, C, and/or P). You may select more than one. You may submit up to 5 names per form. If you need more than 5 people licensed, simply fill out the form a second time.
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