Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde issues licenses for lay persons:

  • to serve as Pastoral Leaders, Worship Leaders or Preachers;
  • to help administer the Eucharist as Eucharistic Ministers;
  • to act as Eucharistic Visitors, taking Holy Communion to congregants not present during worship; and
  • to offer instruction in the faith as Catechists.

Who May Be Licensed in Lay Ministry?

Any confirmed communicant in good standing may be licensed for lay ministries. A licensed lay Preacher may serve in another congregation in the diocese at the invitation of the clergy member in charge of that congregation.

Please read the Requirements & Standards for Lay Ministry document for more information.

What Training is Required?

Training for Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors is provided by the clergy in each congregation. In addition, each Eucharistic Visitor must attend the Safe Church training offered periodically by the diocese.

How Are Licenses Issued?

Licenses are issued only at the request of the clergy person in charge of the congregation in which the person will be serving. The license shall be issued for a period of up to one year.

The clergy should complete the Online License Request Form, whether it’s a new license or renewal. All licenses for any particular region will expire on the same date, regardless of the date of issue.

Renewal of Licenses

License renewals will be processed by regions, as follows, to aid in the efficient distribution of the administrative work:

North DC: September 30
Central DC: February 28
South DC: December 31
North Montgomery: April 30
Central Montgomery June 30
South Montgomery: April 30
North Prince George’s: August 31
Southern Maryland: October 31