Be strong and of good courage . . for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

Dear Diocesan Family,

The year 2022 has seen a return of many of the rhythms of life we might have called normal in pre-pandemic times. Children are back in schools, our congregations are worshiping in person. Most of the restrictions we put in place to keep others and ourselves as safe as possible have been lifted, allowing us space not simply to dream and plan, but also to act and implement.

Poised at the threshold of launching into the fourth year of our diocesan strategic plan, I am grateful to share with you this Annual Report, a story of collaboration and community, of diversity and hope, of abiding faith and enduring love.

It is also a story of grit and struggle, of facing difficult truths and not easily solved challenges, where our faith is tested and our souls grow weary. It is in those times when I am most grateful to be your bishop, for we realize together our need for Christ’s redeeming love and once again put our trust in Him.

As a diocese, we are committed to drawing on the gifts of all God’s people to serve Christ together and live Jesus’s Way of Love. We work to accomplish this by equipping faith communities and leaders, promoting spiritual growth, and striving for justice. I invite you now to read through the 2022 Annual Report and reflect on the many ways we have leaned into this vision, enhancing our capacity to move forward in courage and in strength to take our next faith step.

One aspect I pray will be evident on each page. We have made important strides in the goals we have set for ourselves, and yet there is much yet to be done. Our diocesan strategic plan helps guide our steps, but Jesus is our Lord and His Way of Love is the path before us all.

I give thanks every day for the privilege of being your bishop and serving Christ with you. And I am grateful to share within this report all the good work we have begun in Jesus’ name.

As we turn our collective gaze toward 2023, may God bless and guide us all on our next faithful step.



The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde
Bishop of Washington

Bishops Mariann and Chilton pose for a selfie at outdoor confirmation service at Washington National Cathedral
Diocesan staff celebrating Bishop Mariann's 10th anniversary of consecration
Bishop Mariann at forge during Swords to Ploughshares anti gun violence demonstration