5 Lenten Resources to Grow in Faith

by | Feb 16, 2023

There is only one church season in which the faithful are specifically invited into a holy observance. That season is Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 22, Lent invites us to reflect on the times we have failed to love God, others, and ourselves. After conscious reflection, we are called to return to God.

Many resources are available to assist individuals, families, and congregations in the work of Lent. Below, you’ll find a list with five of my favorite resources. Each resource is a creative entry point into a meaningful Lent.

“40” | Simon Smith
A 4-minute animated video imagining Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. Use as a discussion prompt for a formation group, family or congregation about the meaning of Lent.

Bless the Lent We Actually Have | Kate Bowler
Free downloadable guides for wherever you find yourself this season. Bless it all this Lent – the lovely, the garbage, the difficult, the heartbreaking. Guides are available for individuals and groups.

Faithful Families: Lent and Easter Reflections | Traci Smith
Lent and Easter Reflections for families from the first week of Lent, through Pentecost. Each reflection has a scripture focus, a weekly meditation, and a faith practice. The meditations and practices are most suited for younger children (Pre K – Grade 2).

Illustrated Lenten Resources | Illustrated Ministry
Illustrated Ministry offers beautiful lenten themed coloring pages, posters, devotional guides, family activities, Stations of the Cross, and many other illustrated resources based on scripture. This is a favorite for all ages!

Lenten Micropractices | Vibrant Church Communications
A micropractice is a small spiritual practice. Instead of engaging the same spiritual practice throughout Lent, micropractices are meant to give a sample across many different styles of practices. Some are active, some are reflective. They rotate through the lenten themes of praying, fasting, and alms giving, along with additional practices that don’t fit neatly in one of those categories.

Consider engaging one of these practices to deepen your faith life as you observe a holy Lent.

The Rev. Amanda Akes-Cardwell
Missioner for Faith Formation and Development