Belovedness – Sharing Hope and Sharing Love

by | Mar 26, 2024

You never know where or when the Spirit will tap you on the shoulder, but most of the time, you likely do know when it happens. The real question is, do you focus on this gentle nudge or try to brush it off with some rationale? It is too easy sometimes, to not notice or to even ignore these ‘nudgings’. Have you ever asked yourself why?

Life is busy and full of commitments. If you have children, there is all that goes with raising them and attending to your family. Our work can consume our time and attention as well. Social lives, hobbies, and sports; all of these things and many more are interests and passions and at the same time, can be distractions from our relationship with Jesus and our baptismal call.

“So why is the Spirit bugging me?” you ask. “Why is it that the Spirit will not leave me alone?”

The answer is easy. It is because you are beloved. You are so beloved by God that God is not only inviting you into holy spaces but wants you to be there. To be there, not for the sake of the work and the sharing of your God-given gifts, but because you will be empowered to realize and understand this belovedness by being in the spaces where you will give of this amazing and unconditional love of God to others… just like Jesus did. For it is in sharing that we come to understand and realize the depth of this love or belovedness.

In this continuing series on ‘Belovedness’, we hear from Ascension Sligo Parish and their Deacon, The Rev. Terri Murphy. This nudging from the Spirit is described and how the congregation reacted and began a ministry with their unhoused siblings in Silver Spring.

How is the Spirit nudging you?

The Ven. Steve Seely