I Am Not the Only One. That’s Great News!

by | Apr 18, 2018

Accepting the call to serve as a parish warden is to walk in faith as a disciple of Jesus helping to nurture and grow what has been entrusted to you. Leading parishes alongside a rector varies by parish and is not the same as shared leadership in other not-for-profits.

With all that the Bishop, Canons and other Church House staff can do to support you, sometimes the best guidance and support comes from peers. One group that created its own network is the Parish Administrators. They gather for lunch and short learning sessions, help orient each other to the role and have a frequently used listserv. Here’s what they say about the value of this network.

The connection, the camaraderie, and everything has been awesome!  Some very useful suggestions I’ve received and used are all your references on vendors and contractors …  As a result, I can be confident of starting from a place of knowledge thanks to you all.

As a new Parish Administrator, with years of non-profit management experience, church operations are so different and critical to people enjoying and being members of the church. I  find the listserv has so much knowledge and information. While each church is unique in how  they serve parishioners, there are many similarities and more important, needs.

Great resources, great advice, and colleagues who are walking in your shoes and completely understand the value of “sharing” information!!

It is also very much a support group for difficult but rewarding jobs.

As a new P.A., and not of the church admin background, just reading the P.A. emails requesting information and guidance is useful to me.  It’s a great learning tool. Thank you.

I encourage you to follow their lead and use the Wardens listserv as your connection to a peer group that understands your role, works to make being a Warden life-enriching and provides insights to meet your needs. A few Church House staff monitor the exchanges so that we may be helpful when appropriate. We also manage the list so it remains a Wardens tool. You may be the only Senior or Junior Warden in your parish, but there are many others sharing the journey.

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