Preparing for a Safe Summer Season

by | Jun 6, 2018

Late spring and summer bring joyous celebrations of transitions: graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. We open our doors to outside activities and welcome an engagement in bible schools, camps and mission trips. It also is the season of maintenance and repair work.

The Church Insurance Agency provides useful tools for keeping people and property save during each season. The Good Steward is a free monthly publication available on the Church Pension Group’s website and available by email subscription. This month’s topics include recognizing sexual harassment in the Church, safe driving tips, social media usage and self-care following a disaster. A new feature, From the Claims Desk, addresses common issues clients face nation-wide. Have volunteers working on your roof? Read the From the Claims Desk before they climb the ladder again.

Additionally, there are easy to share tip sheets for summer events. Click the links below and share these with appropriate parish leaders.

Tips: Hosting Outside Groups
Tips: Inflatable Bounce Houses for Children
Tips: Liquor Liability at Church Events
Tips: Non-owned Auto Liability (personal and rented vehicles)

Update Staff and Volunteer Job Descriptions

Summer may provide time for each staff person to review his or her job description with the appropriate supervisor. The EDOW website has a template that may be completed if you don’t have job descriptions in place.

The benefits of up-to-date job descriptions include:

  • Maximize understanding about the duties and responsibilities of a position

  • Help an organization know if there is proper delegation of duties

  • Serve as a basis for meaningful performance evaluations

  • Act as a training aid

  • Provide objective criteria for corrective action, reprimand, or termination

If you would like to discuss creating or editing job descriptions for staff and volunteers, please contact Kathleen Hall.