COVID-19 Regathering Update

by | Nov 12, 2020

This announcement was sent to parish clergy, wardens, and parish administrators on November 12.

Dear EDOW Friends,

Grace to you and peace in these November days. I pray for your well-being as we all closely monitor the rise on COVID-19 cases in our region. Like you, I long for the day when the pandemic is behind us, and pray that God will provide us all the grace and strength we need.   

Regarding new restrictions on worship and congregational life, for now it seems best to follow the directives of our local public health officials and civic leaders. As of today, none of the jurisdictions within the Diocese of Washington have prohibited in-person worship. That may change, but until it does you may continue to offer in-person worship, provided that your regathering plan is approved and falls within the most recent restrictions in your jurisdiction.

You are under no obligation to offer in-person worship, and some may choose to suspend in-person worship as an added safety measure. That is your prerogative. We are seeing a wide range of responses among our congregations. Given our diversity, that comes as no surprise.  

I wish that we could spare one another the burden of this pandemic, but for now we all must persevere. May God bless and keep us all. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bishop Chilton, Canon Paula or Canon Andrew, the members of the diocesan regathering committee, with questions or concerns. 


Bishop Mariann