The Coming Pandemic Turning Point

by | Apr 15, 2021

“You are witnesses of these things.” 
Luke 24:48 

Discerning questions are in the air. Nearly everywhere I go, people are wondering how we can look back on the past year for wisdom and forward to the future with hope.  

At a recent virtual gathering of bishops, the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers suggested that we were coming to a pandemic turning point.  “How we live and lead as we emerge from this pandemic,” she said, “will set new habits and patterns in motion, not only shaping our lives, but that of our churches and the communities we serve in Jesus’ name.”

At Diocesan Council, the Rev. Tim Johnson told us that he is asking the members of St. Andrew’s College Park two questions: What have they missed in the past year? And what haven’t they missed? Answers to those questions will help him and the vestry determine their next steps at the pandemic turning point. 

What are you asking now? 

Canon Spellers invites us to use the Way of Love as one template for reflection: She poses these questions: What have we learned in the past year? What has drawn us closer to Jesus? How have we followed Jesus and practiced his Way of Love? What do we want to bring with us from the wilderness into our future? 

A turning point is coming, and perhaps is already here. Jesus is with us and the Spirit is our guide. Now is the time to ponder what we have witnessed and what we have learned so that we might move toward the future with wisdom and hope. 

Below are some resources your diocesan staff has curated for you. We will share more in the coming weeks.