Equity and Justice Midyear Update

by | May 26, 2021

My name is Hazel Monae and I am honored to serve as the Missioner for Equity & Justice at the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. 

God is a word that means anything beyond self; beyond ego. If theology is what I believe about God, then it must be that what I believe about God must go beyond my experiences alone. I’m speaking as someone who is a relentless follower of Jesus Christ and is in love with Jesus’ vision for how we ought to be in the world–workers and strivers for justice. 

Justice means centering historically marginalized communities to ensure their thriving & healing from generations of injustice. A justice framework can move us from a reactive posture to a more powerful, proactive and even preventative approach. This understanding of justice is not just a wish. Even in my short time in this Diocese, I have seen so much potential for this vision to be made manifest. 

  • I see the vision in the revamped Prison Ministry Team that’s working to build a multi-layered approach to restoring human dignity. 
  • I see the vision in the Sanctuary Ministry that’s actively working to support our undocumented siblings. 
  • The vision is nigh in the work of the Reparations Task Force as it seeks to uncover the truth about our past and to repair the breach in our present. 
  • The vision is here and now in the Race & Social Justice Committee’s work to train us all in the important work of anti-racism. 

These are just small glimpses into the myriad ways that your parishes, regions and this diocese are manifesting a lived theology of justice and preparing us for what’s ahead. In the next 90 days we will…

  • Continue to tell the truth about racism through the launching of an Anti-Racism 101 Curriculum and ongoing Sacred Ground circles throughout the Diocese.
  • Pursue Congregational and Diocesan History Projects for the work of Reparations.
  • Create toolkits for individuals and parishes to engage Racial Equity conversations and practices.
  • Discern priorities for future work of equity & justice.

May we continue to respond to God’s promise made in Amos–of justice that rolls like a mighty river and righteousness that runs like an ever-flowing stream. I’m encouraged. I’m excited. I’m ready. Thank you all for being on this journey. I look forward to our work together.

Hazel Monae (she/her)
Missioner for Equity and Justice