Welcome Our New Dean of Chaplains

by | Sep 16, 2021

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Barrowclough

Please join us in welcoming the Rev. Dr. Lisa Barrowclough, Chaplain at Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School as the diocean Dean of Chaplains. As with the regional deans, Lisa’s work will focus on strengthening relationships and fostering collaboration efforts; in this case, her leadership will be among diocesan chaplains, most of which serve in our Episcopal schools. 

Lisa approached Bishop Mariann with her vision to gather school chaplains for collegiality, collaboration, and continued learning according to schedules and areas of focus and growth that best fit their unique ministries. Over the summer they approached other chaplains to gauge their interest, and their enthusiastic response affirmed the value and need of this ministry. 

Lisa’s own excitement is contagious. She writes, “Liaising between the chaplains, the regional deans, and the bishop and diocesan staff will mean that we chaplains are more aware and connected amongst ourselves and to the diocese, and that we are better able to share ourselves and our gifts for the greatest good.” 

“EDOW chaplains are among the most joyful clergy I know,” says Bishop Mariann. “They love their vocations and have much to teach us all about living Jesus’ Way of Love. I’m thrilled that through Lisa’s leadership we can support and amplify their ministries.”