The 80th General Convention Virtual Binder

by | Mar 3, 2022

The 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church will convene in Baltimore this summer to consider a wide range of important matters facing the Church. The General Convention deputation from the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, led by the Rev. Glenna Huber, will attend in order to listen to debate, track and advocate for or against the various resolutions, bringing our collective voice to the process of tending the soil of the wider Church, considering issues ranging from prayer book revision, advocating for social justice, considering budgetary issues, the future of the Church’s mission, just to name a few topics on which we will deliberate. The work we will do in this process will have a broad impact on The Episcopal Church, and every person has an opportunity to make their voices known, even if they aren’t on our Deputation to General Convention.

Though the General Convention (GENCON) is scheduled to begin July 5, much of the preliminary work is already underway. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the various legislative committees of the General Convention are meeting now to deliberate on various amendments that Deputies, Dioceses, Bishops, and Interim Bodies have submitted to it for consideration. Your diocesan deputation invites you to follow along with resolutions as they are submitted on the publicly accessible Virtual Binder.

The Virtual Binder contains both the texts of each proposed resolution that has been assigned to a Legislative Committee and the explanation submitted by the proposer(s) on the resolution. Resolutions are lettered by the individual or organization submitting them. “A” resolutions are submitted by the Interim Bodies of the Church such as the standing committees ordered by the Church’s canons or by temporary task forces established by General Convention. “B” resolutions are submitted by Bishops. “C” resolutions are submitted by Dioceses, such as ours, which has sent several resolutions for the consideration of the next GENCON. Finally, “D” resolutions are submitted by individual deputies, with 2 additional deputy endorsements.

Currently, the only resolutions that are in the Virtual Binder are those assigned to committees. Resolutions will continue to be added to the Virtual Binder in the coming months as they are submitted and referred to the appropriate committee. Those interested should periodically check the Virtual Binder to see what new resolutions have been filed.

If you have a particular interest in certain resolutions, you may wish to follow the calendar of Legislative Committee Hearings that are listed in the Virtual Binder. The Virtual Binder lists when the committees will meet and what resolutions will be considered at these meetings. Any person–not just a Deputy, Alternate, or Bishop–may participate in these hearings as either an observer or, when the hearing is marked as an “open hearing”, to testify and give remarks on the resolution(s). Please note that you must sign up no less than 2 days prior to the legislative committee meeting to get the link to observe or participate in the hearing. You can submit a request to observe/speak at a hearing through this form.

Given the virtual nature of most of our committee meetings, there is unprecedented opportunity for members of the Church to have a greater say and/or observe the legislative committee process. Your deputation encourages anyone with a strong interest in one or more resolutions to keep tabs on the Virtual Binder as we continue to move closer to the General Convention.

If you have any questions about finding resolutions, or any questions about the General Convention, please do not hesitate to contact our Deputation’s Chair, the Rev. Glenna Huber.

Please keep EDOW’s deputation in your prayers as we tend to the soil of the Church at the upcoming General Convention in Baltimore.

The 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church is scheduled to take place this summer in Baltimore, Maryland from July 5 – 14.