Short Course for Parish Vitality

by | Apr 28, 2022

Consider taking one or more of the following short-courses as a vestry or leadership team. The first course is a stand-alone introduction to vitality. The final four are meant to be taken in sequence. To take any as a team with private access, please contact The Rev. Emily Snowden, Coordinator for the School.

Introduction to the Vital Signs of Parish Health
Learn about the Seven Vital Signs of Parish Health, including prompts and ideas about engaging the signs more deeply in your congregation. Instructor: Anne-Marie Jeffery (Register here)

We Need Alignment
This short-course overview, based on the Unstuck Process, clarifies for teams that “why” we do ministry comes before the “how”. The materials presented will set the foundation for how your team will be moving through a strategic process that aligns every team and every team member to the work they are called to do and teams will learn the life-cycle of a congregation, vital signs of parish health and the strategic alignment pyramid. Instructor: Mark Meyer (Register here)

We Need to Face Outward
Who is God inviting you to reach out to share Jesus’ liberating, life-giving love both in acts of service and invitations to know and be in relationship with God in community? Learn how to become a congregation that reaches out to neighbors. Instructor: Mark Meyer (Register here)

We Need a Vision
Vision and values are terms often talked about but rarely implemented within parishes. Without vision, congregations tend to look inward and talk (and sometimes bicker) about smaller things. This short course offers an opportunity to develop and cast a vision to be part of something bigger than any of us could do on our own. Instructor: Mark Meyer (Register here)

We Need a Plan
How your team fundamentally operates will have a huge impact on whether your team and your people will accomplish your faith community’s vision plan. Breaking down goals into next steps, equipping your team, and keeping folks’ focused on the vision are all necessary elements for success. This short course covers organizational goals, path of discipleship, and growth engines. Instructor: Mark Meyer (Register here)