Reparations: A Process of Grace, Relationship, and Creativity

by | Jul 7, 2022

Reparations A Process of Grace, Relationship, and Creativity

“Our diocese,” the Rev. Peter Jarrett-Schell explains in this video, “has spent two hundred years bound to a history of racial oppression. Reparations is the slow process of freeing ourselves from the gilded cage of white supremacy, melting it down, and making something new. It is a process of grace, relationship, and creativity.”

This fall, the diocese will host Repairing the Breach: A Symposium on Reparations to continue our shared work in reckoning with our diocesan history of participation in anti-Black racism. To help prepare congregations and leaders for the symposium, we’ll be sharing more videos about reparations in the Bulletin and invite you to participate in the two-session course offered through the School for Christian Faith and Leadership, Repairing the Breach Course: An Exploration of Reparations.