Young Adult Episcopalians: Living a Faithful Lent

by | Feb 15, 2024

Shortly before his passion and death in Matthew’s gospel, Jesus taught the crowds in parables. In Matthew 25:31-46, known as, “The Judgement of the Nations,” Jesus describes the Son of Man in his glory separating the nations like sheep and goats based on their treatment of the disenfranchised. According to Jesus, how we treat the least in society is actually how we treat the Lord himself.

Jesus identifies five categories of folks who should specifically be treated with respect and compassion — the hungry, the stranger, the unclothed, the sick and the imprisoned. This Lent, the diocesan Young Adult Episcopalians (YAE) will engage in an offering called, Living a Faithful Lent, through which they will serve with EDOW partner organizations that support the very communities Jesus mentions in Matthew 25.

Beginning Saturday, February, 17 and going through March 23, Young Adults (20’s and 30’s) from around the Diocese of Washington are invited to gather for six Saturdays of service and reflection centering on Jesus’ words in Matthew 25. On the first five Saturdays, we will gather weekly at 10:00 a.m. (unless indicated differently on the schedule) at different service organizations throughout Washington, DC. Participants will gather for introductions and prayer, followed by service with EDOW partner organizations. The day concludes at noon with a brief reflection. On the final Saturday of Lent, the group will gather for brunch and reflection on the collective service experience. The Living a Faithful Lent schedule includes information on service times, locations, and ministry partners.

Young Adults may participate in all, a few, or even just a single one of the weekly offerings. Whatever most speaks to their heart. Registration is not required but is encouraged as it will help with planning. RSVP here.

This opportunity to learn about service organizations in our diocese and to personally engage in the work to which Jesus calls his followers has an interesting origin story. This offering came about because a Young Adult in one of our EDOW parishes reached out to The Rev. Amanda Akes-Cardwell, EDOW Missioner for Faith Formation and Development, with a desire “to do something with other Young Adults this Lent.” The idea developed from there.

Are you a Young Adult with a hunger to meet other Young Adults? Are you interested in the intersection of faith and the world? Do you want to know more about Jesus? Do you have questions of discernment and discipleship? If so, contact Amanda Akes-Cardwell. The diocesan Young Adult Episcopalians seek to gather seasonally for fellowship, service and worship. We welcome your ideas for meaningful gatherings.

And in the meantime, consider joining YAE for Living a Faithful Lent.