Getting to Know Jesus | NEW Confirmation Module

by | Mar 30, 2023

Who was Jesus? And who is he to us today? Why did, why does, his life matter? In her 2023 convention address, Bishop Mariann shared that she wants all people seeking the rites of confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation in The Episcopal Church to know Jesus. Specifically, she noted that she would like people to “know His story as it’s told in Scripture, beginning with His birth; a few highlights from His teaching and healing ministry; an understanding of why He was controversial among the religious and political leaders of His day and what led to His crucifixion; and finally, what happened on the day of Resurrection and when He appeared to His disciples.”

To assist those wanting to learn more about Jesus and be able to share his story with others, the diocese has crafted a new module as a part of the online CREATE course through the School for Christian Faith and Leadership. The course, called Getting to Know Jesus, connects learners with visual aids, scripture prompts, reflection questions, and tools to help learners tell Jesus’ story in creative ways. While geared towards youth, the course is also appropriate for adult learners. Consider engaging this course as part of your confirmation process or as a Lenten or Holy Week offering to get to know Jesus better.

Bishop Mariann has said, “Knowing things about Jesus isn’t the same as having a relationship with the living Christ, but we can’t follow Him if we don’t know about Him and His teachings.” The more we get to know Jesus, the more we wonder and engage our curiosity about him, the more we will be able to grow in Christ and follow his way of love.

The spring Diocesan confirmation service is scheduled for Saturday, May 20, 2023 at Washington National Cathedral.

For more information about the service, contact Annemarie Quigley, the Bishop’s Executive Assistant.

For more information about “Getting to Know Jesus”, visit the course website or contact the Rev. Amanda Akes-Cardwell, Missioner for Faith Formation and Development.