Presiding Bishop Election

by | Apr 4, 2024

The Nominating Committee for Presiding Bishop announced its slate of four candidates this week, an important step in the process that will culminate in the election of our next presiding bishop at the General Convention this summer.

I know the four candidates well. They are all exemplary leaders, deeply committed to Christ and the mission of our church. All are thoughtful, creative, and wise. They are also unique individuals that would bring distinct gifts to the role of presiding bishop.

The next step in the process is a brief open nomination period for other candidates to be placed on the slate. The requirements for consideration are the same as for those nominated by the Search Committee. You can learn more about the process, the nominees, and all the work of the search committee thus far here.

On April 24, all bishops of The Episcopal Church will gather in Charlotte, North Carolina to meet with the nominees for a day of prayer and conversation. I look forward to that opportunity to hear from each of my colleagues who have courageously stepped into the discernment process, feeling a call from God to consider the important and challenging ministry of presiding bishop.

While the discernment process includes the entire church, only bishops vote for the presiding bishop. I take this responsibility seriously. Between now and then, I am open to conversations with all in the diocese, to hear your hopes for our future leadership. In the meantime, thank you for continuing to pray for all the candidates and their families. Thank you for your prayers for our beloved Presiding Bishop Curry, his continued healing, and in thanksgiving for his inspired leadership.

Bishop Mariann